BeBook Club Review

by Ebook Doctor on November 11, 2010


The BeBook Club is the latest ebook reader, from open ebook reader pioneers Endless Ideas. This ebook reader has been designed to compete at a lower pricepoint, in order to satisfy users not looking for advanced features found in the BeBook Neo.

The BeBook Club is similar to the BeBook One: It’s got a 6 inch Vizplex E-Ink screen, and shares the open nature of its predecessor enabling you to load up just about any ebook format including: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT, PDB, HTML, CHM, JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF.

The great thing which separates the BeBook Club from the Amazon Kindle for example is the ability to buy an ebook from any ebook store and load it up onto the device, sadly the Kindle can only read ebooks purchased from the Kindle store, and non DRM pdfs.

In terms of look, the BeBook Club has a nice plastic front which feels solid, but its no Sony Ebook reader in terms of style.

In terms of functionality, it uses the same 6” 600×800 E Ink Vizplex screen as the BeBook One, which is standard across most ebook readers these days. But the new Sony  PRS-350, PRS-650 and Amazon Kindle 3G are now using an improved E Ink Pearl screen which offers better contrast, so this screen is technically inferior.

This is not a massive point as you would be hard pressed to really see much difference in most situations, but suffice to say you are only getting 8 shades of grey instead of 16 with the Kindle and Sony ebook readers.

The main difference between the BeBook Club and the BeBook Neo is the lack of Wifi and internet browsing, and no touchscreen. Instead you navigate using a set of buttons on the device.

The BeBook also offers fast page refresh rates, and the ability to listen to audio too. You should get around 12,000 page views from a single charge which puts it tip of its class in battery life.

Other than that, the BeBook Club includes an external SD card slot so you can expand the 510mb of internal memory up to 4GB! This would be enough for a lifetime of reading.

You can find the BeBook Club at £149/$189 which makes it quite attractive for a 6 inch screen ebook reader with access to most of the ebook formats.

Click here to compare the BeBook Club to the other 6” ebook readers available today.

You can find the BeBook Club at

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1 e-book readers central 04.01.11 at 12:26 pm

Cool. Love the white color. Good thing about e-book readers is that some are small enough it can slip into your pocket and too big that some can carry up to 1,000 e-books…

2 Mariana 07.29.12 at 1:50 pm

Will I also be able to download free books with the BeBook Club?
Thank you

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