Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 Review

by Ebook Doctor on September 16, 2009

Sony have recently released an updated lineup to it’s popular PRS-505 ebook reader which we reviewed last year.

This year they are releasing the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 and the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300. Both are looking to compete against different sides of the ebook reader market: Mainly the rise of the sub 5 inch ebook readers, and the new Amazon Kindle 2.

The Sony Reader Touch Edition is the new successor of the old PRS-505 and PRS-700, which adds a touchscreen into the mix. The Pocket edition sports a smaller 5″ screen format which we will review at a later stage.

The first thing you will notice once you handle a Sony Touch ebook reader is that it looks really classy – Its an elegant ebook reader which won’t look out of place next to your other accessories.

The screen is easy to read, and the contrast has been much improved since the PRS-700 and ebooks look great on this 6″ e-ink Vizplex™ paper-like screen.

The touch screen is interesting, unfortunately its a bit slow and doesn’t quite feel natural when interacting with words or the UI. Don’t expect an Iphone like touch interface on this ebook reader! But the touchscreen is useful, and adds to the ease of use of the ebook reader – For example you can flick through pages like on a real book.

In terms of capacity, the Sony Touch comes with 500 mb of internal memory which you can store about 350 books with, and you can expand this through an optional MS Duo (up to 16GB) and SD card (up to 16GB) slots for up to 13,000 eBook titles – practically an entire library!

The great difference in these new ebook readers is the change of stance from sony with reagards to ebook formats – Beforehand the Sony ebook readers were a bit limited in the book formats supported, not anymore.

You can now read eBooks in a choice of file formats: Reader Touch Edition™ supports EPUB  (industry standard), PDF, Text, RTF, Word and BBeB. Also displays most common image and photo file types including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP (in black-and-white).

This is a big change and will mean that you can now upload ebooks which are both DRM and non DRM protected to read on the go!

The US version of this ebook reader comes with a 3G connection built in similar to the Amazon Kindle, which has been ommited from the European and UK release, but thats not too much of a problem. Thanks Russ for the clarification, the US version is like the European version, and does not include a 3G card.

You can still buy your books from your favourite online book shop such as Waterstones, Borders, and Whsmith in the UK.

This is a lighter and more nimble device, and if you are a fan of Sony products, or haven’t yet got your feet wet with an ebook reader device this is a very affordable device, which oozes of quality.

Is it the best device out there? Well we still like the Bebook (reviewed earlier) which supports more ebook reader formats.

But if you are looking to spend a little more, and like the look of the Sony Reader Touch we definately recommend it too. Click here to find out more.

Waterstones have just lowered the price of the silver Sony Touch, get it at £29 less here: Click here to find out more about the promo.

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1 Russ 10.01.09 at 1:33 pm

The US version does NOT come with a 3G connection. It is exactly the same as the European version. You’ll need a PC to either load books directly or via a MemoryStick.

If you already have a PRS-505 then you will be disappointed with the screen on the PRS-600 – the touchscreen adds far too much glare/reflection which in my opinion offsets the additional features of the new reader.

Mine is going back and I will keep my PRS-505.

2 Sisi 02.11.10 at 1:13 pm

it also has a built in dictionary

3 Bryan Reeve 07.30.10 at 6:56 pm

I have had the sony 505 for best part of a year and not read a book as it will not function properly or accept a charge. Sony say its OK. Well as a book its not ok as you cannot read anything. Total rubbish, I also have an ipod this is brilliant. Forget sony buy apple.

4 Debs 08.18.10 at 10:20 pm

I have just bought the PRS 600 touch. Can`t use it. Bookstore refuses to load on my PC. Sony say its a hardware fault- Im sure its software/ naff compatibility with Vista/adobe
Should be plug & play. Now I`ll have to fight to get a refund no doubt

5 Peg 11.26.10 at 6:51 pm

I have had my sony psr 600 for 4 months and love it. I have travelled to Spain and Mexico and have no problem with it holding a charge and love that I can read it anywhere. The downloads are easy and just take seconds to transfer from my computer to the reader. I have a stylus that I use to make notes and also a text availability. I can also switch to 4 different languages. I am so glad I bought this. I love it!

6 Oscar 01.06.11 at 10:45 am

I have received an email offering me a free case for my touch edition. I ordered it and I have received the case for the pocket edition, so I can not use it.
I have called the support and they don’t even know the differences between both editions, and they told me that is the same, later they told me that the offer was for the pocket only (was not true as in the email states that is for the touch).

What I can not understand is how a company like Sony is doing this things, it is better not to give anything. I usually was buying sony, but after this, no more. I have bough to my wife the kindle and works better, and 3g free on top.

Here is the the email:

Dear xxxx,

A free Christmas gift for our Reader™ owners*
*While stocks last

We’re giving our Reader Touch Edition™
owners a free case. Well it is Christmas.

There’s no catch. All you need to do to claim your
free gift is give us a call before we run out. We’ll
need the model number of your Reader™ and the
address you’d like us to send your gift to.

Call Sony now on 01379 649401
to claim your free gift

7 K Shann 01.15.11 at 7:58 pm

I fing this reader brilliant, there is only one problem…it locks up from time to time.

8 Linda 03.19.11 at 1:43 pm

I bought a Sony PRS-650 touch screen reader, absolute shit, can’t use the touch screen as it has frozen. Tried reseting it, still doesn’t work. Shame on u Sony.

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