Is this the Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader?

by Ebook Doctor on October 6, 2008

Our friends over the Atlantic over at BGR have uncovered what appears to be Amazon’s Kindle 2 ebook reader. Although we are suspicious, the picture does look authentic, and if this is true this could be the follow up to their very popular ebook reader.

Unfortunately for us in the UK, Amazon has yet to release any Kindles over to Britain or anywhere else than the US so far.

Looking at the photos of the new Amazon Kindle 2 e-book we are impressed,  although the unit hasn’t gone down in size it looks much cleaner and neater than the current model. This is very much in line to its close competitors including the awesome Sony Ebook readers.

The unit now has a joystick, and the following buttons: Home, Next Page, Menu, a joystick, and Undo. On the left side, there’s Previous, Page, and Next Page.

It looks like the buttons are much smaller to prevent any accidental page turning which was an issue with the original Kindle device. The joystick takes the place of the scroll wheel and it “takes a little getting used to.”

The keyboard of the new Amazon Kindle device has been redesigned and we are impressed by its good layout, but lettering on the keys could be better.

Looks like they no longer have their own charger. The Kindle 2 is able to be charged with a miniUSB cable which sounds like good news for the travellers in us!

The display is roughly the exact same as the original Kindle even though at first glance it might appear a bit smaller due to the new shape.

More details to come!

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1 ashley green 04.08.09 at 4:54 pm

in the picture the amazon kindle 2 looks slightly bigger. is it any bigger than the first? the screen also appears enlarged. is it?

2 Neal 07.21.09 at 6:03 pm

Ashley, why are you even bothering to ask ?

Yes, the screen is slightly bigger. So… gonna buy one then ?

No, of course your not, the device isn’t available in the UK is it (and with no plans to sell it here for the foreseeable future, so they say).

I don’t even know why they’ve bothered to include it on UK…yes, that’s UK !…in the first place.

Why waste everyone’s time reviewing a product which, as far as UK consumers are concerned, doesn’t actually exist.

For those of us trying to make real-world decisions about which model to buy, this is so frustrating to clutter up the UK reviews pages with stuff that doesn’t belong there !!!

3 Mart 07.22.09 at 11:25 am

The Kindle 2 looks good from the online reviews. I’m off to the US later in the year – if I get a Kindle 2 there, can I download books in the UK? The wireless link would appear to be US format could I download or go through my PC via a USB link?

Any comments gratefully received at [email protected], many thanks

4 Adrian Blackmore 08.15.09 at 10:42 am

Can this be used in the UK as I have just bought one and am having trouble downloading e books from the kindle site the sites indicate that the wireless will work over here in the UK which is fine but says books can be downloaded onto your computer then dragged across via USB (Help)

5 KINS 12.29.09 at 1:33 pm

Orderd a Kindle from U.S. Amazon site Tues 22nd. pm arrived Thursday24th. am. service could not be better.(Present for wife for xmas) Easy to set up; only disappiontment free books on US library there is a small charge in UK otherwise great with leather cover.

6 April 02.19.10 at 4:09 pm

We’re in Syria but travel to the US so we could download there. What are the limitations of a Kindle 2 outside of the US?

7 KindleSA 12.19.10 at 7:25 pm

I’m so happy they stock sell it in South Africa. Not sure why not available in the UK (where I’m based) but need it in SA. Easy to order from Amazon US for delivery in SA.

8 Ellis 01.27.11 at 2:17 pm

Apart from Neal’s caustic comment, the Kindle 3 is now available in the UK. I ordered one from Amazon, they quoted a delivery date of Jan 26th and it arrived on Jan 25th, excellent service.

Amazon have a download service and many books are free. The Kindle is also very good for reading .pdf files (I have the complete set of Full Circle Magazines which are available as .pdf’s and are free). I also find it useful to have my Mozilla Lightning calendar for the month on it (saved as a .pdf)

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