Cybook Gen3 Ebook Reader review

by Ebook Doctor on September 21, 2008

cybook gen3 ebook reader

cybook gen3 ebook reader

Cybooks electronic book, the Gen3, is a quite easy to read and convenient device which is light-weight, fully portable and ultra thin. Its screen minimizes eye-strain due to the paper like display it features, fully capable of operating well under an array of lighting conditions whilst not producing glare of flicker. It also boasts:

• A Vizplex E-Ink six-inch screen. The Vizplex features better screen contrast than E-Ink technology that is old and possibly outdated.

• A total weight of 6.13oz. In fact, Sony’s new Reader PRS-505 weighs three ounces more.
• 8,000 page flip battery life between needed changes.
• eNews and RSS feed reading capability.

This device is quite capable of storing files which are supported by such formats as TXT, HTML, PalmDoc, PDF, and is able to download and store 1,000 Mobipocket supported eBooks. Using this encrypted scheme provides Cybook users access to volumes of copyrighted eBooks, one of the worlds largest catalogues indeed. Due to their Electronic Ink Displays, Cybooks have a quite impressive battery life cycle which lasts around 2 months under average conditions. And the Cybooks highly responsive and advanced user interface will allow you to perform a whole host of possible actions, all of which take less than a second to accomplish with the use of one navigation key and two buttons on the Cybooks front side.

This is a real player in this ebook race, and one which is made future proof with a range of innovative features not found elsewhere.


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1 S Benson 08.07.09 at 11:45 am

I have this reader and love it. Less clumsy than the Sony, it is only let down by not being able to organise books in folders – though I believe updates are being worked on. You can do pretty much any function with the one key.
Reasonably priced, but only available online in the UK, so far.

2 Richard, UK 10.27.09 at 6:36 pm

Correction about “updates are being worked on”. Unfortunately, the makers of Cybook Gen3 have abandoned this product while continuing to promise ‘folder’ support and alternative Digitial Rights provision. For four months, ‘epub’ and ‘folders’ have been promised “in a few weeks”.

This leaves Cybook Gen3 on outdated firmware, dependent on DRM circumvention for reasonable access to purchased eBooks.

3 Susi 05.20.10 at 5:08 pm

Any news about updates re. epub and folders yet?
WEould appreciate any news

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