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October 2008

BeBook Ebook Reader Hands On Review

by Ebook Doctor on October 25, 2008

bebook ebook reader

bebook ebook reader

We have recently received our copy of the BeBook ebook reader, and we have been pretty impressed so far.
The Dutch based BeBook has some stiff competition in the UK, especially from the new Sony Ebook reader which is currently available from Waterstones for only £224 here.

So whats so great about the BeBook ereader? Well, from the outset, the device looks quite good, its much better looking than the Amazon Kindle, and has an impressive battery life of around 7,000 page turns, a 6 inch reflective screen mimicking paper, and a light weight of around 220g with its battery.
At the moment, BeBook are offering 150 classic books free, which come preloaded at purchase. You can then download any book listed on the website free of charge, which currently has over 20,000 classic titles available!

BeBook are really trying to go for the open source angle, and have made their ebook reader compatible with a myriad of ebook formats and any file type you can imagine, including PDF, DOC, EPUB, PPT, TXT, HTML, RTF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, DJVU, FB2, WOL, CHM, RAR, ZIP, MP3 and even Microsoft LIT. It also features the longest battery life of any of the current models and has an in-built 512MB memory, which is more than enough to hold 1000 books. This means you can actually load up pretty much any ebook out there, including pirated pdf ebooks…(not that we would condone such a thing!)

In terms of anti-piracy, BeBook says that each device has a unique key, which can  be used to identify any copyright-infringing users that are using illegally obtained ebooks from torrent and usenet sites. I’m not too sure how this can work, but it sounds like a way of protecting themselves from a potential onslaught of legal cases, whether this feature really works or not.

bebook ebook reader review

bebook ebook reader review

Similar to the other leading e-ink readers on the market, it’s also easy to read in direct sunlight, but as the device is not backlit, you will need a reading light for night reading.
The BeBook also comes with a great RSS which can update aall of your favourite news feeds from your PC first thing in a morning and you can browse the news on the way to work. This beats having to go though the Metro or a broadsheet at 8am in a crowded underground. This is a real plus point that the BeBook has over Sony’s Reader, which can’t currently handle RSS feeds.

Also as of August the BeBook  supports the Mobipocket DRMformat, one of the most prolific e- book publisher formats in the world, so it promises to have plenty of titles available for it.

Pricewise, The BeBook is retailing for £199, which is £25 cheaper than the £224  Sony Ebook reader, and comes with a large library of free ebooks so will come out cheaper in the long term.

Bebook have kindly provided us with a discount code which enables you to save €25 off your purchase,  click here to get your BeBook for only £180 by quoting our voucher code:  [email protected] at checkout.

Some people might prefer the Sony Ebook reader because it’s a Sony product, but if you are keen on reading your rss feeds in the morning, and like to read your own pdf and txt ebooks, this is a great choice – Plus it comes with over 20,000 free ebooks to download from the BeBook library. So don’t delay, get one in time for Christmas!

You can find the BeBook here. And don’t forget to use our voucher code “[email protected]” to save €25 / £25.

Also check out this video of the Gadget show reviewing the Bebook ebook reader:

Edit: The video was taken before August when the device didn’t have the Mobi Pocket format compatibility. Also as of August the BeBook  supports the Mobipocket DRM format, one of the most prolific e- book publisher formats in the world, so it now has plenty of modern titles available for it.


Is this the Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader?

by Ebook Doctor on October 6, 2008

Our friends over the Atlantic over at BGR have uncovered what appears to be Amazon’s Kindle 2 ebook reader. Although we are suspicious, the picture does look authentic, and if this is true this could be the follow up to their very popular ebook reader.

Unfortunately for us in the UK, Amazon has yet to release any Kindles over to Britain or anywhere else than the US so far.

Looking at the photos of the new Amazon Kindle 2 e-book we are impressed,  although the unit hasn’t gone down in size it looks much cleaner and neater than the current model. This is very much in line to its close competitors including the awesome Sony Ebook readers.

The unit now has a joystick, and the following buttons: Home, Next Page, Menu, a joystick, and Undo. On the left side, there’s Previous, Page, and Next Page.

It looks like the buttons are much smaller to prevent any accidental page turning which was an issue with the original Kindle device. The joystick takes the place of the scroll wheel and it “takes a little getting used to.”

The keyboard of the new Amazon Kindle device has been redesigned and we are impressed by its good layout, but lettering on the keys could be better.

Looks like they no longer have their own charger. The Kindle 2 is able to be charged with a miniUSB cable which sounds like good news for the travellers in us!

The display is roughly the exact same as the original Kindle even though at first glance it might appear a bit smaller due to the new shape.

More details to come!